WORD Pig Spell

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Jogos Ensino Pedagógico
Developer: ZiggityZoom

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A Pre-K Spelling app to form and spell three letter WORDS using the vowel "i".
Try "WORD Cat" for spelling words with the letter "a".

*** “An outstanding app to help preschool and kindergarten kids learn the formation and spelling of words. Excellent for beginning readers and kids absolutely love the Sticker reward system.” ~ Mommie911

First of 5 Spelling-based apps to form and spell three letter WORDS using a specific vowel.

Word Pig … a fun and educational, early learning, spelling-based app for preschool and kindergarten children. In this school readiness app, using the vowel “i”, children can choose to play one of two different levels, “making” 3 letter words OR “spelling” the given three letter words. Farm Animal stickers are awarded for every five correct words and then the kids can play with their animals in a farmyard setting.

Fun Farmyard scene features farm animals, with sounds, that kids can play with and move around the farm.

Word Pig is the first of 5 apps in the Word Animals suite of apps. Each app in the suite will address three letter words using a different vowel.

2 Levels:
•Form 3 letter words of choice
•Spell words as they are spoken
Letter recognition
Word recognition
Learn to Spell
Recognize Word families
Earn Sticker Rewards for each 5 correct words
Verbal encouragement
Preschool & Kindergarten education

WORD Pig parent information:
For Age 3 +
NO Ads
NO Social Networking
NO Location data
NO External links
ONLY Word Animals app Purchases

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